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ANSI/SAAMI Standards


Chart of Unsafe Firearms and Ammunition Combinations



Information and Specifications

Cartridge and Chamber Drawings

All C&C Drawing documents are contained within the ANSI/SAAMI Standards.

New SAAMI Cartridge/Chamber Designs and Revisions

"New" SAAMI Accepted Cartridge and Chamber Designs

Technical data and drawings for the new SAAMI accepted Cartridge and Chamber designs not yet included in ANSI/SAAMI Standards will be listed below.

For previously accepted SAAMI Cartridge and Chamber standards please refer to the cartridge and chamber drawing tab above.

Revisions to existing SAAMI Accepted Cartridge and Chamber Drawings

On very rare occasions a dimensional correction may be made to an existing cartridge/chamber design. In those rare cases the revision will initially be posted in this section until such time as the drawing is updated in the ANSI/SAAMI Standards.

A cartridge/chamber design that has been previously subject to revision will have an updated revision date on the drawing.

Reference and Proof Ammunition

Note: Reference and Proof Ammunition are only provided to Commercial Ammunition and Firearms Manufacturers

ANSI/SAAMI Standards

ANSI/SAAMI Z299.1 - Rimfire - 2015

ANSI/SAAMI Z299.2 - Shotshell - 2015

ANSI/SAAMI Z299.3 - Centerfire Pistol & Revolver - 2015

ANSI/SAAMI Z299.4 - Centerfire Rifle - 2015

General Index for information contained within ANSI/SAAMI Standards Z299.1-Z299.4

Section 1 -- Characteristics

    • Cartridge & Chamber Names and Abbreviations
    • Velocity & Pressure Data and Measurement
    • Primers and Primer Pockets
    • Cartridge & Chamber Drawings

Section 2 -- Procedures

    • Velocity and Pressure Measurement
    • Reference Ammunition Use
    • Miscellaneous

Section 3 -- Equipment

    • Testing Equipment
    • Copper Crushers
    • Gas Checks
    • Pistons & Pistol Holes
    • Headspace Gauges
    • Reference Ammunition
    • Miscellaneous
    • Standard Velocity & Pressure Test Barrels -- General
    • Velocity and Pressure test Barrels by Caliber

Section 4 --Definitive Proof Loads

    • Purpose and Data

ANSI/SAAMI Z299.5 - Abusive Mishandling - 2016

General Index for information contained within ANSI/SAAMI Standards Z299.5

    • Scope
    • Purpose
    • Exceptions
    • Definitions
    • Drop Test
    • Exposed Hammer Test
    • Jar-Off Test
    • Rotation Test
Publications & Advisories

Guidance on Ammunition That Has Been Submerged In Water

Recommendations for Safe Ammunition Storage and Handling

Performance Standards Developed for the American National Standards Institute

Informational Brochures


Informational Pamphlets and Firearms Safety Issues

Publications Order Form

Performance Standards Developed for the American National Standards Institute

The below ANSI/SAAMI Performance Standards books detail the voluntary industry performance standards for pressure and velocity of ammunition for use by commercial manufacturers. Each book includes detailed specifications and drawings.


Item Number Price
ANSI/SAAMI Centerfire Pistol & Revolver | Z.299.3 2015 205 $30
ANSI/SAAMI Centerfire Rifle | Z.299.4 2015 206 $35
ANSI/SAAMI Rimfire | Z.299.1 1992 208 $20
ANSI/SAAMI Shotshell | Z.299.2 1992 209 $25
All Four on CD-ROM 210 $90
ANSI/SAAMI Abusive Mishandling | Z.299.5 1996 207 $ .50
This book lists recommendations for test procedures to evaluate new designs of rifles, shotguns and handguns. Test parameters simulate conditions where the firearm is subjected to abusive mishandling to demonstrate the ability of the firearm to withstand this abuse without discharging.    


Informational Brochures

Pricing: quantities 1-999 $ .10/each; 1000+ $.0549/each


Item Number
Explains the properties of smokeless powders, considerations and recommendations for storage and how to check for deterioration.
Covers the appropriate general properties of sporting primers, their handling and recommended storage.
Provides general guidelines on handling, transportation and shipping regulations related to firearms for both the FFL holder and the private firearms owner.
SAAMI data sheet lists unsafe combinations for rimfire, shotgun, pistol, revolver and rifle.
This brochure provides a detailed description of what really happens to ammunition in a fire, upon sudden impact, and what danger it poses to firefighters.
This booklet details the history and purpose of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute.


VIDEO or DVD - $10.00 each

Sporting Ammunition and the Firefighter
Item #250 (Video); Item #251 (DVD)
Nearly one million rounds of ammunition were subjected to ten different tests-from open burn conditions to tightly confined burn conditions-to examine what happens to sporting ammunition exposed to severe impact and fire. This video is recommended as an educational tool for fire departments and explains how firefighters face no danger from sporting ammunition in a fire when protected by standard turn-out gear.

Smokeless Powder and the Fire Service
Item #252 (Video); Item #253 (DVD)
This video emphasizes in the storage and display of smokeless powder in the retail environment and demonstrates that if appropriately packaged, smokeless powder will not explode and is less dangerous during fires than many other common retail materials. It addresses what the fire hazards are to firefighters or to supplies displayed in a retail store, and what quantity limits should municipal fire prevention ordinances place on the storage and display of smokeless powder in retail stores.


Informational Pamphlets and Firearms Safety Issues

The following background papers provide factual perspectives on the many issues surrounding firearms.

Pricing: quantities 1-999 $ .10/each; 1000+ $.0549/each

Item Number

Download the Publications order form here. (PDF)

Product Manuals

Firearms product manuals contain important safety information which must be understood before using any firearm.

Browning Arms Co.

North American Arms

Beretta USA Corp.

Colt's Manufacturing

Kahr Arms & Auto-Ordnance

Remington Arms

Smith & Wesson

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

U.S. Repeating Arms



Other firearms manuals may be obtained by contacting their manufacturers.



This working draft of a Glossary of Industry terms has been compiled by SAAMI's Technical Committee to facilitate technical interchanges between members of that committee. It is not intended to provide legal definition of the terms included, and, in light of further experience, the definitions of these terms may change. It is not intended to be comprehensive since it does not cover the full range of the diversity of the sporting arms and ammunition industry's products. It is, in other words, a working draft that, it is hoped, may be useful in addressing certain technical matters frequently considered by the Technical Committee and is subject to further change and refinement.

It was the committee's decision that ONLY industry terms would be included which are unique to the firearms and ammunition industry directly. Optical terms have been omitted for the most part. Common metallurgical terms were not included because they are not unique to the industry. Where there is a common term with a usage unique to our industry, it has, however, been included.

Terms made up of two or more words are defined under the principle word: e.g., a "Frangible Bullet" is defined under "Bullet, Frangible" or a "Free Rifle Stock" is defined under "Stock, Free Rifle."

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Gun Recoil Formula
Lead Mobility

A variety of issues have been raised about potential environmental impacts of lead associated with shooting ranges, including the potential mobility of lead that may be transported from shooting ranges.

This review of scientific literature was conducted to summarize the understanding of the environmental mobility of lead in surface or ground water, sediment, and soil, and the factors controlling lead mobility.