A shoulder firearm having a stock which is fully adjustable for length of pull; drop at comb, Monte Carlo and heel; pitch and cast. It is used for fitting of custom made firearms to a specific shooter’s physical characteristics.


1. The cylindrical body of a shotshell. 2. Improper term for a shotgun barrel. 3. A barrel insert to allow firing of a smaller gauge shotshell.


An English term that is sometimes used to denote a shotgun hammer. Also refers to an interior part of gun locks which contain notches that interact with the sear.


1. The end-over-end rotation of an unstable projectile in flight. 2. A cleaning and polishing process, sometimes used in firearm part and ammunition manufacturing.


A bolt action firearm on which it is necessary to rotate the bolt handle upwards for unlocking before it can be pulled to the rear. Similarly, it is necessary to rotate the bolt handle downward after closing to lock the firearm and enable the gun to be fired.