Informational Publications and Advisories

SAAMI publishes information pamphlets, guidance documents and advisories on various topics relating to the storage, use and transportation of firearms, ammunition, and propellant.



Guidance on Ammunition That Has Been Submerged In Water  Is it possible to salvage ammunition that has been exposed to water? Can ammunition that has been submerged in water for a period of time be salvaged? Should one set it out and attempt to dry it? What are the potential hazards?

Guidance On Firearms That Have Been Submerged In Water  – Natural and man-made disasters may result in firearms being exposed to or completely submerged in rain or flood waters.  The questions that arise are how best to preserve recovered firearms from further  damage and will the firearm ultimately be safe to use again.


Informational Publications

Recommendations for Safe Ammunition Storage and Handling –  This document contains basic and important facts about the properties of ammunition for sporting and law enforcement use, as well as recommendations for safe storage and handling. This information is intended to address some common misperceptions and myths about the safety of ammunition.

Smokeless Powder – This document explains the properties of smokeless powders, considerations and recommendations for storage and how to check for deterioration.

Primers – This document covers the appropriate general properties of sporting primers, their handling and recommended storage.

Sporting Firearms – This document provides general guidelines on handling, transportation and shipping regulations related to firearms for both the FFL holder and the private firearms owner.

Facts About Sporting Ammunition Fires – This document provides a detailed description of what really happens to ammunition in a fire, upon sudden impact, and what danger it poses to firefighters.

Decades of Success in Reducing Firearms Accidents – This documents reviews the role the firearm and ammunition industry played in the reduction of firearm accidents.

Market Size and Economic Impact of the Sporting Firearms and Ammunition Industry in America – This document reviews the economic impact of the firearm and ammunition industry.

A Responsible Approach to Firearms Safety – This document discusses the impact of mechanical safety devices vs. promotion of safe and responsible use of firearms on firearm accidents.

Excise Taxes on Firearms and Ammunition – This document discusses the potential downside of increasing excise taxes on firearms and ammunition beyond their current levels.

Absolute Liability – A Logical Analysis of an Illogical Legal Theory

Close to Home – An Overview Of The Issues Concerning The Use Of Firearms For Home Protection

Owner Recognition Technology – This document discusses potential concerns with the use of owner recognition technology, loaded chamber indicators and magazine disconnect features.