Transportation and Storage Regulation Information

The SAAMI Logistics and Regulatory Affairs Committee (commonly called “SLARAC”) works to shape the constantly evolving transportation and storage regulations, both international and domestic, so that SAAMI products can be distributed economically, securely, and safely throughout the world. Education is a key function and SLARAC is dedicated to providing science-based information to regulators. The committee also keeps SAAMI member companies up-to-date on applicable changes in regulations.

Resources on Transportation and Storage Regulations:

SAAMI Overview of Transportation of Ammunition & Components (~12MB PDF)
(or download two files, ~6MB each: Part 1 and Part 2)

FMCSA Presentation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Overview on Transportation of Hazardous Materials

HAZMAT Special Permits – Special Permits Relevant to the Transportation of Ammunition and Components

Transport Data Sheets – Transport Data Sheets for LQ Ammunition, 1.4S Ammunition, LQ Blank Ammunition, 1.4S Blank Ammunition, 1.4S Primers

Glossary of Transport Terms

Publications Related to the Regulation of Shipping Hazardous Materials

Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter: What Happens When Ammunition Burns? – This video was produced by SAAMI as part of our continuing mission to promote safety and in this case providing firefighters with fact-based information to help them address the realities of fires containing sporting ammunition.  The video was produced in cooperation with the International Fire Chiefs Association.

Smokeless Powder and the Fire Service – This video emphasizes in the storage and display of smokeless powder in the retail environment and demonstrates that if appropriately packaged, smokeless powder will not explode and is less dangerous during fires than many other common retail materials. It addresses what the fire hazards are to firefighters or to supplies displayed in a retail store, and what quantity limits should municipal fire prevention ordinances place on the storage and display of smokeless powder in retail stores.

ORM-D to Limited Quantity Transition – This document provides guidelines for the transition from ORM-D Classification to Limited Quantity (LQ) for ammunition shipping.

SAAMI Guidance on Use of DOT-SP 21114 – This document provides guidance for the use of DOT-Special Permit  21114, which authorizes the transportation in Commerce of small arms ammunition as a Limited Quantity (LQ) that is packed in a loose unoriented configuration.