SAAMI Standards

American National Standards Published by SAAMI


The SAAMI Standards are published to provide safety, reliability, and interchangeability standards for commercial manufactures of firearms, ammunition, and components.

General Index for information contained within SAAMI Standards Z299.1 – Z299.4

Section 1 — Characteristics

Cartridge & Chamber Names and Abbreviations
Velocity & Pressure Data and Measurement
Primers and Primer Pockets
Cartridge & Chamber Drawings

Section 2 — Procedures

Velocity and Pressure Measurement
Reference Ammunition Use

Section 3 — Equipment

Testing Equipment
Copper Crushers
Gas Checks
Pistons & Pistol Holes
Headspace Gauges
Reference Ammunition
Standard Velocity & Pressure Test Barrels — General
Velocity and Pressure test Barrels by Caliber

Section 4 –Definitive Proof Loads

Purpose and Data

SAAMI – Z299.1 – Rimfire – 2015 (R2018)

SAAMI – Z299.2 – Shotshell – 2015 (R2019)

SAAMI – Z299.3 – Centerfire Pistol & Revolver – 2015

SAAMI – Z299.4 – Centerfire Rifle – 2015

General Index for information contained within SAAMI Standards Z299.5

Drop Test
Exposed Hammer Test
Jar-Off Test
Rotation Test

SAAMI – Z299.5 – Abusive Mishandling – 2016

SAAMI Drop Test Surface Supplier Contact Information