Nitrated cellulose (either cotton linters, wood pulp or a mixture of the two) which is used for the manufacture of smokeless propellant. Chemical name – nitrocellulose.


1. A term used in the identification of most shotgun bores. (410 bore is an exception.) It is related to the number of bore diameter lead balls weighing one pound. 2. An instrument for measuring or testing a parameter.


A copper alloy with a nominal composition of 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc. “Gilding Metal” is the trade name for the Copper Development Association, Inc. Alloy C21000. It is extensively, but not exclusively used in the manufacture of bullet jackets. See also “Commercial Bronze.”


1. A unit of weight (avoirdupois), 7000 grains per pound. The grain unit is commonly used in American and English ammunition practice to measure the weight of components. 2. A term sometimes applied to a single particle of propellant powder. More properly called a kernel or granule.