SAAMI Adds HAZMAT Special Permit Information to Website

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SAAMI Adds HAZMAT Special Permit Information to Website


SHELTON, Conn. — The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute®, Inc., (SAAMI®), has published a new webpage on dedicated to providing HAZMAT Special Permit information to users.

HAZMAT Special Permits are documents issued by the United States Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration to ensure the safe transportation of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) when not otherwise permitted in the Hazardous Materials Regulations.

The new SAAMI HAZMAT Special Permit page lists Special Permits relevant to the transportation of ammunition and components. Each of the Special Permits is listed and includes a description about what the Special Permits authorize. Also provided is information on how to look up a Special Permit and how to apply for Party Status.

“We’ve added this information in response to requests from SAAMI member companies,” said Joe Bartozzi, SAAMI’s President & CEO. “In making this information easily available, we are fulfilling a component of SAAMI’s mission to help ensure ammunition and components are transported safely throughout the world.”

The new webpage is called HAZMAT Special Permits and is located under Transportation and Storage Regulations Information.


The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, founded in 1926 at the request of the federal government, is dedicated to creating and promulgating technical, performance and safety standards for firearms, ammunition and components, and is committed to being the preeminent global resource for the safe and responsible transportation, storage and use of these products.


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